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"Think of your character as a jewel that has about a thousand different facets. If you keep turning them over and exploring new sides, you'll keep discovering new information about their personality and motivations. And there's always another way to turn things. There's always another side to explore."
- Lauren Sapala,

Players can put their character's profile onto the wiki for reference and also for a way to find others to role play with on the game.

To prevent unintentional twins running around the grid, please see the played by list for which actor/actresses are already being utilized.

If you're not sure what kind of character you want to play, or are uncertain what type of character would fit in the world, see our wanted page for possibilities.

Obviously, the Active Characters list has all the PCs that are current and still active on the game.

The NPCs list has all the non-player characters that are controlled by other players or staff. They aren't to be used outside of their owner's control unless permission is given.

The Retired/Deceased Characters list are characters that have been retired by staff or players or deceased by in-character means.

The staff list has all the staff members; their names and positions. Likely other information they want to share publicly.

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