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Dysothtria Species

There are many races and species that call Dysothtria home, however, there are only eight playable races at this time. Of those eight, three are restricted either because the race has limited numbers in the world ( and it’s highly unlikely that a high number of them are concentrated in Shillivan for any length of time) or because the particular race is quite powerful and a player would be required to demonstrate a certain level of responsibility before being allowed to apply for one of these races and two are in the process of being set up.


  • Human - This race is the most common throughout Dysothtria and most of the countries are under Human rule.
  • Ithnevarian - This race is quite prolific throughout Dysothtria, but they do not hold any positions of rulership in most of the countries and there are no commonly known communities consisting purely of Ithnevarians.
  • Half Breed - (1/2 Ithnevarian-1/2 Human) This is the mongrel race of Dysothtria and commonly looked down upon. They can be found anywhere in Dysothtria and are fairly common, though they rarely hold positions of noteworthy power.


  • Melthorian - This race is quite common, though there are rarely found many in the same area - except the islands from which they call home. Even when settled in other countries - unless they are forever exiled from their homeland - they make a yearly pilgrimage to the Pellagian Islands.
  • Pirotaian - This race is rather scarce as their numbers are hard to maintain. One might consider them endangered. As one of the few (and only playable at this time) anthropomorphic races, they are viewed with suspicion and contempt.
  • Xadrian - This race, while not especially rare in numbers, it is uncommon for one to be found settled in a region other than their homeland. If one is spotted it is usually because they are about on business of one sort or another (ambassador or hunter).

In Progress

  • Orta - This race, while more common than their lesser known cousins - the Takalah (a non playable race - reference only), larger numbers of their kind are usually found in or near the mountain ranges they call home; however, they can often be found in cities or towns plying their trade.
  • Roetha - This race is plentiful enough, though not nearly as common as the Humans or Ithnevarians - though they appear human enough on sight. It's the Guardian blood running through their veins that make people feel a little wary around them, as rumors are rampant about their capabilities.

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