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The people of Maritonia are primarily peaceful and hardworking. The diversity of those who call the country home leads to a minimum of prejudice against other races and tolerance of other cultures.

The land itself consists of lush grasslands and bountiful plains as well as hills and valleys. They are bordered to the north by Kalonice, Zeroun on the west and Cyrah to the south. The west is coastal with the (as yet to be named) Sea lining the western shores.

Statistical Data
Geography: Fertile plains, grasslands, hills, valleys, forest and one gorge.
Symbol: Three stalks of wheat with a white dove in the front on a field of green.
Motto: Rule fair, rule free!
Government: Patriarchal Monarchy
Social Ranks: Upper Class (nobility), Middle Class (merchants, etc.), Lower Class (peasantry, outcasts).
Primary Races: Human, Ithnevarians, Half-Breeds
Primary Languages: Common, Maritonian, Ithnevarian

Currency: Dinari (Gold), Ritin (Silver), Bit (Bronze), Shoal (Copper)

The Maritonians have a patriarchal monarchy whose succession is based on heredity. The ruling seat is in Avar, the capitol. The crown is generally passed down from father to eldest son. If a male heir is not old enough to rule when the time comes to assume the throne, it is permissible for the Queen Mother to rule in his place until he reaches the age of authority, which is fifteen. At that time, the Crowned Prince would assume the throne, with the support of a team of advisers to guide him.

Since the country has grown from the original small province it started as, it became necessary for the King to have trusted individuals posted in the far reaches of the country to help keep the peace, ensure the prosperity and lawfulness of the citizens, as well as care for the protection of Maritonia's borders and countrymen.

The King appointed trusted noblemen, granting them lands and domains to govern as an extension of the King's own authority. These titles are also passed down by heredity. The titles and their ranking are as follows:

  • King & Queen
  • Prince & Princess
  • Duke & Duchess
  • Marquis & Marchionness
  • Earl & Countess
  • Viscount & Viscountess
  • Baron & Baroness
  • Knight & Knight's Lady

The majority of Maritonians are satisfied with the King's rule. There are some malcontents - those who are dissatisfied with their station in life, and others who would rather the King make a push into Cyrah to have the whole thing done with, instead of resting on the tenuous cease fire.

Ruling Family

The following is a listing of the current royal family and the territories within Maritonia they rule over.

  • King Marcus and Crowned Prince Vitus reside in Avar.
  • Duke Serculus and Duchess Rachel reside and govern Shillivan.
  • Marquis Anneas resides and governs in Nostrad.
  • Earl and Countess Helena reside and govern near Dolvak.
  • Viscount and Viscountess Octavia reside and govern near Moric.
  • Baron Domitus resides and governs in Minsheva.

Current Noble Houses

The following are a list of the major and minor noble families residing within Maritonia.

Major Houses Minor Houses
Mardin House Leikvold House
Cohmre House Myraeve House
Dyartes House Rokian House
Rethalie House Thornchild House
Torsin House Tormalik House
Wystalin House

Melee: Broadswords, Long swords, Short swords, Knives, Spears, Pikes
Ranged: Short bow, Longbow, Composite bow, Crossbows, Slings, Darts, Daggers
Ballista: Ballista, Catapults, Trebuchets
Armor: Plate Mail, Scale Mail, Chain Mail, Banded, Leather, Shields

Maritonia's military is held to a high standard, each individual expected to follow a strict code of conduct in both their personal and professional lives. While there will always be those who will attempt to abuse their position as a respected member of the Maritonian Forces, if their indiscretions are brought to light - depending on the level of transgression, their commanding officer is first to enact disciplinary action, and is responsible for their conduct. If the transgression is considered more severe, or the behavior is not modified by the disciplinary action enforced by the commanding officer, both the transgressor and commanding officer are brought before a military tribunal to determine their fate.
The following are the branches of Military Maritonia supports:

Vehicles Simple Devices & Items Complex Machinery Alchemy
Carts Stone Ovens Primitive Printing Press Gun Powder
Ships & Boats Ice Boxes Winding & Pendulum Clocks
Carriages & Wagons Oil Lamps Stone Ovens
Sun Dials
Pulleys & Levers
Exports Imports
Fish Oil/Blubber Spices
Metals Silver
Clay Wine (from Zeroun)
  • Stew (made with either lamb, beef or seafood)
  • Wine & Cheese (quality of wine depends on class)
  • Porridge (tends to be more common with the lower class)
  • Boar/Swine
  • Fruit Tarts
Magic & Psionics

There is a major campus where each of the five archai are represented. Magic is heavily relied upon, from the Master Archaists who are on the council, to the many magical trinkets that are peddled for those who have not learned to generate magic of their own.

Maritonia has a fair share of aspericists that call the country home, however it is a relatively small number in comparison to the numbers in Dinesh.


Maritonia as a whole worships the Guardians. There are some who have other beliefs, but those who choose not to recognize the Guardians as gods and follow other paths are not overly vocal in their choices.

While all of the Guardians are revered, the patron Guardian for the country is Jocasta. Because of their faithful worship and observation of the Guardian, she blesses them with fertile land and abundant harvests. Other Guardians are honored, and each individual has their own patron Guardian that they turn to in time of need, but all in the country give Jocasta her due, to maintain the country's prosperity.


The primary race in Maritonia is Human, but that is only so, because of how adept the people are in re-population. Not far behind, are the Ithnevarians, and what are referred to as Half-Breeds. The Humans, Ithnevarians and Half-Breeds are fairly well integrated. Though they consider themselves non-racists, hypocrisy is revealed whenever it comes to Half-Breeds. While not nearly as prevalent, Melthorians and Pirotaians can also be found amidst the population, but only in the larger cities.

Women & Children

Women are recognized as capable, and in certain situations - such as priestesses for female Guardians - they are allowed to hold high positions. They are judged individually, based on their abilities, though often men still hold the highest positions. Especially when it comes to ruling the country.

Children have to grow up quickly, at least in the lower classes. Except for the nobility, all children are working from the time they are physically able. Children are valuable, whether to carry on the family legacy, make political/economical alliances, or simply for extra hands to get the work done.


Maritonia considers marriage to be between a man and a woman. In fact, these are the only arrangements the government officially recognizes, and only if appropriate Marital Guidelines and/or rituals have been followed. The country is heavily steeped in tradition, and marriage is considered to be one of the most sacred. Breaching the ceremonial contract can have serious repercussions if the affronted member decides to seek redress. That's not to say it doesn't happen, but cases brought before the royal court are treated very seriously.


Maritonia is an educated country, and the nobility prides themselves on this fact. The lower class (poor/peasantry) are completely illiterate, except in extremely rare cases. They simply don't have access to the instruction, or materials, to acquire the skill. Even so, there are are a few who have learned how to fake it well enough to pass.

The middle class, merchants, are a step above the peasantry. They have learned just enough to be able to run their businesses successfully. The money they bring in, and sometimes the travel, open up possibilities for them to learn how to read. Their time is limited, so often they learn only enough to get by, but not enough to read fluently.

The upper/noble class are taught to read during their childhood years. It is required of all male children of the noble class to learn how to read, and it is not unusual, for even the female children to have the opportunity, though it is not mandatory for them.


The people of Maritonia enjoy clothing of a variety of different materials. Wool, linen and hemp are the most common material used, but there are those of nobility who have enough coin to use a more finer quality of material (ex. satin, silk, etc)

Medieval style dresses, tunics and pants. Woven cloth from wool and leather are the most commonly used. Fur is used to trim, but only for the more wealthy. Silks are imported, and the nobles and more prominent merchants have access to them.


Arts Crafters Musicians
Poets Sword Smiths Lutes
Sculptors Metal Smiths Mandolins
Artists Jewelers Flutes

Of all the countries, Maritonia is the most open minded and accepting of other races and cultures. Though they will not sacrifice their own beliefs, they are willing to make accommodations to visiting dignitaries of other cultures in effort to make them feel as comfortable as possible.

They treasure their way of life. The majority of the country feels secure, and there is no fear of being taken into slavery. Even the poor are recognized as freemen, even if that freedom means for a hard life. It's honest.

Fair treatment is of high importance in their culture. Individuals are given opportunities, until or unless their actions have determined them to be untrustworthy. In general, dealings with others are conducted honestly, but that does not mean they do not use caution when dealing with individuals they are unfamiliar with.


They treasure their way of life. The majority of the country feels secure, and there is no fear of being taken into slavery. Even the poor are recognized as freemen, even if that freedom means for a hard life. It's honest.

Fair treatment is of high importance in their culture. Individuals are given opportunities, until or unless their actions have determined them to be untrustworthy. In general, dealings with others are conducted honestly, but that does not mean they do not use caution when dealing with individuals they are unfamiliar with.

Opinions of Other Countries

They are a barbaric people, completely uncultured, and not to be trusted. They are not smart enough to be devious, but it doesn't mean they are easily overcome. They are like dogs with a bone. They have very few goals, and are greedy. They have the attitude that people owe them, and what they see, they want, and deserve to have. In many cases, they are bullies, and try to use brute force to get what they want. They don't place any value in talking, or compromise.


They are an intelligent people, and if not for their power hungry nature, and devious means, they might make good allies. Unfortunately, they are two-faced. They might make alliances with you, claiming to be on your side, and at the first chance they see an advantage for themselves, they will as likely stab you in the back. They are a cultured people, but it doesn't make them any more civilized than the Cyrans. They simply come in a prettier package. They are a very politically minded people.


Good people, and good allies. Although a formal alliance has not yet been made, the Zerounians are like minded people of class and culture. They are ambitious, and strive to make advancements and discoveries that will make life easier for themselves, and their allies. They are a hard working people. We have an open border agreement, and trade freely with the people of Zeroun. Maritonians travel across the borders, 'vacationing' in Zeroun, and vice versa. We foster good relationships with the Zerounian government, and are looking forward to a solid alliance to be formed. They would be valuable allies, not only in matters of trade, but having a trustworthy neighbor in times of war, would be priceless.


They are good people, and up until only five years ago, Zeroun and Quadi were one country. They are nearly the same, in every way, except for the ambition. Quadians seem to want a more simple life. This is not to say they are any less, hard workers. On the contrary, they work just as hard, but then they take time out to rest and relax as well, where in contrast, the Zerounians spend much of their time working, in one way shape or form. The Quadians choose to enjoy the rewards of their labors.


They're a little far away, but they seem to be good people too. Many scholars come from that area, and those that want to receive an excellent education, they are sent to the schools in Dinesh. As a whole, the Dinesians are a quiet people. They put more value in a good education, than they do their military. It is said, that the Kalonicians have been plotting for years, in hopes of taking the country over from the inside, but there have been no overt signs of such a thing. The Dinesians don't seem to be concerned, but it makes us wonder just how smart they really are. A good military is important.. just in case.

Notable Locations

Established and known cities, towns and villages are listed here as well as landmarks and notable sites.




Landmarks/Notable Sites

The Yihane Forest

This forest is to the north of Maritonia, along the border of Maritonia and Kalonice. This is Isanne's playground. She is mischief personified. She settled in the Yihane forest, and her presence brought about all sorts of 'spirits', including giving a semblance of life to the trees, in the form of dryads. Though, when she is in their presences, the trees themselves take on more of a life of their own. Once, disregarding the warnings from his people, the King of Kalonice (at that time) tried to secretly invade Maritonia, only to encounter strange things and living trees and bushes, which “swallowed” 1/3 of his troops. What the King didn't know, was that his men were not swallowed, but enchanted and spirited away, changed into a 'creature' of the forest. Isanne doesn't take kindly to men in armor tromping around her playground.

Kalonician Hills

The hills to the east, just beyond the lake (that has no name yet), are the Kalonician Hills. They are said to be haunted. People will brave the hills, thought not at night. A legend in Kalonice is that a brave hero of old met his end in those hills. During the day, they feel safe – that he is protecting them, but at night, it is said that his spirit is overwhelmed and bound by the evil that was responsible for his death.


This is not the castle in Avar, the home of the King of Maritonia. This castle is the home of the yaser, Nicholas, and is located beyond the hills to the southeast of Shillivan.. No one has been able to get close to it, as of yet, because of a spell of aversion set on the castle and surrounding land. No one is able to come any closer than double the length of a football field, to the castle itself, unless Nicholas grants entrance (necessities only). Obviously, the yaser doesn't want company.

Huge Gorge

There is a large chasm near the town of Nostrad. Legend has it, the gorge was created as a result of a battle between a dragon and some other strong/fierce creature (Takalah), during the species war, when the Takalah had intervened to bring it to an end before any races were extinguished. (The people are not aware of the Takalah, as a race unto themselves. Any who come in contact with the Takalah just assume they're a rather large human). Slighted lovers have been known to take their lives, traveling great distances across the country to hurl their bodies into the gorge.


There are ruins about halfway in between the border of Maritonia and Cyrah. It was an old 'fort'/outpost of the Cyrans, before Maritonia pushed the borders further back, after taking the city of Shillivan. There had been a 'sneak attack' by a Maritonian 'squad' who attacked in the middle of the night. The Cyran men were distracted by a decoy.. a woman. The soldiers, who had been at that outpost for two weeks, without seeing anything remotely female (not even their horses), were vulnerable. It didn't take much, and the men were caught with their 'pants down'.. literally.. making success for the Maritonians, inevitable.

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